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Large CFA IHC Fundex drill rigs for large diameter CFA

IHC FUNDEX drill rigs, perfect solution for large and deep CFA

IHC FUNDEX’s rigs are high quality rigs designed specifically for heavy drilling, with high torques and impressive pull-up and pull-down values, because of the company’s roots in soil-displacement drilling. Therefore, its products are also highly capable of CFA drilling to larger depths, with impressive diameters of up to Ø1.500 mm and 55 meters depth.

IHC Fundex supplies large rigs with a leader length from 25 to 56 meters and capability of installing CFA piles up to 1500 mm diameter.

IHC Fundex also supplies compact but also powerful rigs – more about that in Compact Drill Rigs section


Below are few videos of Fundex rigs in CFA configuration.





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