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IHC Hydraulic Impact Hammers Hydraulic piling hammer for driving steel piles for conductors, jackets, tripods, mooring systems, monopiles and starter piles

IHC Hydraulic Impact Hammers

The Hydrohammer is a hydraulic impact hammer used for driving steel piles. With its unique design the hammer makes it suitable for all types of onshore and offshore piling and foundation work, ranging from starter piles to the biggest monopiles in the world. The hammer has been active since 1984 and developed an extensive track record in the Coastal & CivilOil & Gas and Wind & Renewables markets.


IHC Hydrohammer , state of art  2G Nitrogen accelerated Hydraulic Hammers can drive steel on steel direct, without any pile or hammer cushion for 100 % energy transfer into the pile. Unique weight vs power ratio. We offer full line, from small S30 IHC hammer  to largest offshore hammers. IHC hammers can be used on any machine or leader as well as free hanging.

  • 2G Nitrogen accelerated (example 5 T ram weight becomes 10 T)
  • Lighter than conventional diesel or hydraulic impact hammers
  • Steel on steel piling direct (no cushioning required) – 100 percent energy in the pile;
  • 50% faster (blow rate) from competitors
  • Raked and Horizontal pile driving at full energy
  • Can pile drive continuously at full energy;
  • Leader guided or free hanging
  • S30 and S70 suitable for Sheet piles
  • Reliable (low maintenance)
  • Ram weight is made from 1 solid piece of forged steel and longest warranty in the industry
  • Backwards pile driving capability  (and casing extraction)
  • Under water operation
  • Completely closed housing for maximum safety


Through the past 30 years we developed multiple ranges of hammers.

The S-series

  • Hydrohammer S-30 to S-4000 ( 30kJ – 4000kJ)
  • Especially designed for driving steel piles
  • Can be used for driving free standing anchor piles through the Fast or Slotted Frame
  • Wide range up to 7,5 meters
  • Available for rent or purchase

The SC- series

  • Hydrohammer SC-110 to SC-200 ( 110kJ – 200kJ)
  • Specially designed for driving concrete and steel piles
  • Available for rent or purchase

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