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Full Displacement Drilling Rigs Powerful drill rigs for full displacement drilling

Full Displacement Drilling Rigs

Full Displacement Drilling Rigs – FUNDEX

FUNDEX Equipment have a legendary reputation when it comes to full displacement drilling (and CFA) , from small to very large diameters and long depths. Fundex offers machines which are specifically designed for high torque drilling and one pass applications. Most of the machines are suitable for drilling with a torque up to or over 500kNm. The experience which has been gathered during the last 50 years in high torque displacement and big diameter CFA drilling is unique.

Fundex rigs are perfect for this application because of long leaders and stability, very high torques and impressive pull up/down forces, among other advantages.

Also they are much lighter if compared to typical large Kelly rig able to do same diameter full displacement drilling (or CFA).

Leaders can range from 25 – 56 meters in length in large rigs range.

Below are  some of the full displacement methods and also few videos of Fundex rigs in full displacement mode.


(IHC Fundex can offer a compact rigs that can also be used for various full displacement applications. More about compact rigs you can find in COMPACT DRILL RIGS section or contact us for more information

Olivier Pile:

An Olivier pile is a drilled displacement pile:.[1] This is an underground deep foundation pile made of concrete or reinforced concrete with a screw-shaped shaft (helical shaft) which is performed without soil removal.

  • An Olivier Pile is screwed into the ground without vibration, the soil is displaced sideways. No soil is transported to the surface.
  • The rotary pressure is compared with the results of the cone penetration test.
  • The rotary head with a maximum torque of 55 ton meter is pulled up and down along an adjustable leader, which is strong enough to hold all the forces. The leader is adjustable in all directions, so that it is possible to drill leaning backward or forward.
  • When the desired depth has been reached, it is possible to place reinforcement through the casing.
  • Then the auger head is screwed back. The lost tip is disconnected from the auger head and left behind. During the screwback process, the soil is displaced again. This system is called ‘double soil displacement’.
  • While screwing back, concrete is poured into the casing. Because of the weight of the concrete, the concrete is injected into the space under the auger head. During the screwing back, the Olivier Pile is formed with the screw-shaped shaft. The screw-shape has a pitch of ±250mm (±10″) and an external diameter of ±200mm (±8″) larger than the base shaft. This process continues until the entire casing and the auger head are back on the ground

Olivier Pile Canada – Le Monde International

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Video of Compact rig as an example:


TUBEX- Specialty low headroom rig with over 450 kNm of torque, perfect for various full displacement applications


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