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Large Multifunctional Rigs Powerful foundation solutions for every jobsite with Fundex Multifunctional Rigs

Large Multifunctional Rigs

FUNDEX Multifunctional foundation rigs are state of art rigs that are mainly built for ONE PASS APPLICAITONS.

Fundex does not compete in Kelly drilling but when it comes to one pass applications those rigs have serious advantages, mainly due to their very long leader (from 25 to 56 meters), high torques (from 270 kNm to 500 + Knm) and high pull up/down forces.


FUNDEX multifunctional foundations rigs can be used for several drilling and piling techniques, such as:

  • Large Dual rotary with (Casing/Auger) and (Casing/DTH) – 27 to 56 meters leaders
  • Displacement (rigid inclusion)
  • CFA up to 1.5 meters diam, 50 meters deep in one pass (and smaller)
  • Push – Pull system (silent sheet pile installation)
  • Fast rotary for ACIP or soil mixing grout piles
  • Cutter soil mixer (CSM from TEC)
  • Soil mixing with double or triple rotary head
  • Double rotary CSP (Cased secant piles)
  • Pile driving with any brand hydraulic hammer or diesel hammer
  • Speed piling (installation of small diameter piles for soil improvement –  fast simultaneous extraction and concreting (1 pile per minute)
  • All computer controlled with GPS positioning option


  • drives the rotary head and pile-driving hammer, thanks to the integrated hydraulic system
  • complies with the latest emission requirements
  • has high stability due to a low centre of gravity
  • can be set up quickly and independently even where space is limited
  • is fitted with a PLC with extensive diagnostic possibilities
  • has a relatively low weight due to the use of high grade steel
  • has the big advantage that the cables remain reeved during transport
  • is available in a range of standard sizes, including the F2500, F2800, F3500 and F5600 rigs.

F2500 example in large double rotary configuration; 27 meters leader machine.

Double Rotary can be mounted on larger rigs: F3500 (40 meters leader) or 5600 (56 meters leader)

This allosws much faster installation if compared to kelly drilling as large casing can be installed in one pass.

F2500 rig is smallest in a range of large rigs, perfect for cities yet very versatile and powerful. It can be transported in one piece

F2500 Brochure – CLICK HERE



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