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Compact Piling Rigs Multifunctional Suitable for job sites where space and height are limited

Le Monde offers a compact multifunctional drilling and pile driving rigs. Those rigs do not use an excavator bas but they are built from scratch for pile driving and high torque drilling applications. Other than being extremely high quality machines, they are also very robust, stable and powerful for the size.

If in drilling configuration: they are used for CFA and Full displacement drilling mostly with torques from 65 kNm to 500 kNm

If in pile driving configuration: They are used for pile driving with a computer controlled hi tech winch system or hydraulic impact hammer.

The piling rigs have drop weights of 400kg to 2,500kg and are mainly used for bottom- and top-driven piling. The drilling rigs have drill torques ranging from 65kNm to 300kNm and are mainly used for grout injection screw displacement piles, but drilled cast in-situ and leader-guided drilling are also possible.

Compact drill rigs:

Fundex CP25: 65 kNm torque, 11 tons weight

Fundex CD20: 200 kNm torque, 20 T weight

Fundex TTD50 : 500 knm of torque


Fundex CP12D: Small rig with free fall winch and hydraulic hammer

Large or small all Fundex winches are fully automated and computer controlled – see video example

FUNDEX CP25 machine: It can be used with 2.5 T free fall winch or hydraulic hammer

All rigs can be supplied with compact “accelerated” hydraulic hammers ; Hammers can be used also for sheet piles, free hanging, on an excavator, leader etc…

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