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C-36 CONTROL SYSTEM Control all hydraulic functions of your Hydrohammer and Power Pack electronically with our innovative control system

Control your hammer and powerpack with our new C-36 system. This control system is the successor of the C-34 and C-34V. This innovative system can be used on all of our hammers and controls to monitor all hydraulic functions electronically, allowing the optimal blow energy to be set. The C-36 is a completely new control system both in software and hardware. It can be operated by touch screen, where all necessary information is shown at a glance during piling operations. The C-36 is suitable for the Coastal & Civil and the Offshore Renewables market where above water piling operations are required. The system has been tested successfully by multiple customers and is now available for rental and purchase options.


We’ve added multiple new options to our control system. One of the most outstanding key functions is the option of automatic piling, where blow energy and blow rate control are automated for optimal operations. Another function is the integrated data logging. With this function, all piling data will be stored automatically in the control system where data logs can be exported via USB and GPRS. In addition, the system can automatically diagnose key functions of the hammer such as the solenoids and sensors. In this way, the system is able to assist you with trouble shooting in case any fault finding and resolution activities need to be carried out. Do you need support with resolving malfunctions? Our service engineers are more than happy to help you and are available 24/7.

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