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WATERHAMMER Environmental friendly hydraulic piling hammer running on water only for piling jobs in deep water

The Waterhammer is a hydraulic impact piling hammer that is controlled with a radical hydraulic system that uses water instead of oil. It’s designed for piling jobs in (ultra) deep water. The Waterhammer can be used at water depths up to 2,000 meters. By using water, we eliminate the need to return the liquid medium back to surface, which saves on energy and makes it efficient. The Waterhammer can be used in every type of water (Salt or Fresh water) and is suitable for all piling jobs, like driving pipeline initiation piles, PLEM foundation piles, subsea template foundation piles, piles for jackets, conductors and mooring systems of FPSO’s, FSO’s and SMP’s.


The Waterhammer runs on water as a hydraulic oil alternative, which makes it an environmental friendly hammer. By using only water as medium, there will be no chance of hydraulic oil spills. This makes it also possible to use the hammer in areas where oil spill risk reduction is a high environmental project requirement. Besides this advantage, the hammer can also be used in several markets. While it’s designed for deep water and the Oil & Gas market, it has also been used in Coastal & Civil river and harbour projects. In addition, the Waterhammer is simply to control in the same way as our standard Hydrohammers with no energy or performance loss.


Impact driven Waterhammers are available in the following energy range:

  •  S-90W and S-500W Waterhammer ( 90 KJ – 500 KJ)
  • Available for rent or purchase
  • Wide range of pile sleeves from 20” up to 144”
  • Compatible with varying sheetlegs and caisson piles up to 90kJ
  • Compatible with Rock Breaker up to 280kJ

Need an impact piling hammer for your next project? Our team at Advisory Services can support you with finding the most suitable approach and equipment for your project. We can offer you a wide range of hammers including our environmental friendly Waterhammer. In addition, our service engineers are available 24/7 for you when you need support or spare parts for your equipment.

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