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Mori Drill Masts Tiebacks, Quarries and Blasting

The K-E 20 drilling mast mountable on 22-ton excavators has been developed by MORI for drilling holes in quarries using DTH technology. The various joints together with the 6-auger loading system and the MORI remote control make the mast K-E 20 versatile and ensure exceptional performance. It is possible to create ground level holes with a 3″ ½ hammer.

Like all applications produced by MORI, the K-E 20 drilling mast can also be customised according to customer requirements.

Mori Mast for micropile, anchorage and drain

Mast Mori applicato su escavatore New Holland per perforazione di micropaliMori mast applied on New Holland excavator for drilling micropilesMast Mori appliquée sue en pelle New Holland pour forage de micropieux#morisrl #drillrigs #mast

Posted by Mori Srl on Thursday, April 20, 2017



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